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Indoor Pool Hours
Monday to Friday 6:30 AM – 8:00 PM
Saturday & Sunday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Pool Membership Information and Fees – Click here

Private Swim Lessons: $25 (per half-hour)
Semi-Private Swim Lessons: $20 per person (per half-hour)
Appointments for lessons must be made through the Aquatic Center Reception Desk. All lessons must be paid in full, in advance. No refunds!
Private/Semi-private lessons offer one-on-one instruction for adults or children. This program is for anyone to learn basic aquatic safety skills or learn to swim or acquire new swimming skills. We also offer a semi-private option for two children of similar skill level. Appointments for lessons must be made through the Aquatic Center Reception Desk. Call 609-494-8861 ext. 187.


Water Tots $50 Member/$70 Non-Member
Ages: 1 to 4
This class is designed for parents and children to be in the pool
together. Children are taught to become more comfortable in
the water. Fun and games in the pool help the child gain
confidence to swim alone. This class is a step towards
beginner swim. Instructor: Allison Nemes (Max: 20; Min: 7)
Saturdays; 9:00 – 9:30 AM; Place: Indoor Pool
Session I: (Code 130105-01) Sept. 12-Oct. 24
Session II:(Code 130105-02) Oct. 31 –Dec. 12
Session III: (Code 130105-03) Jan. 9-Feb. 20


(4-Year-Old) Beginner Swim
$50 Member/$70 Non-Member
(Must be 4 at start of session) This class targets the Level 1 Beginner. General safety rules will be learned as well as the front & back floats, doggie paddle and getting the face wet. Child should be comfortable in water, for example: likes to play in water, enjoys bath time, etc.
Instructor: Allison Nemes (Max: 7; Min: 3) Saturdays; 9:35 – 10:05 AM; Place: Indoor Pool
Session I: (Code 130106-01) Sept. 12 – Oct. 24
Session II: Oct.31-Dec.12  (No class 11/28)
Session III: (Code 130106-03) Jan.9-Feb.20


Beginner Level 1
$50 Member/$70 Non-Member
Ages: 5 & up
(According to ability – must be 5 at start of session)
This class is designed to help with the beginning elements of swimming including water adjustment, breathing, floating, kicking and personal safety. The swimmer will learn to doggie paddle and underwater swim.
Instructor: Allison Nemes
Tuesday & Thursday; 4:00 – 4:30 PM; Place: Indoor Pool (Max: 8; Min: 5)
Session I: (Code 130101-01) Sept. 8 – Oct. 1
Session IA: (Code 130101-02) Oct. 6 – Oct. 29

Saturday Class; 10:10 – 10:40 AM; Place: Indoor Pool
Session I: (Code 130107-01) Sept.12-Oct.24
Session II: (Code 130107-02)Oct.31- Dec.12
Session III: (Code 130107-03) Jan.9-Feb.20 (No Class 11/28)


Beginner Level 2
$50 Member/$70 Non-Member
Ages: 5 & up (According to ability – must be 5 at start of session)
This class is designed to teach the beginner who is water-oriented and has mastered the beginning elements of swimming. The front crawl and elementary backstroke will also be introduced for this course. Pre-requisite: Must be able to doggie paddle and be willing to learn prone float and back float.
Instructor: Allison Nemes (Max: 8; Min: 5)

Tuesday & Thursday; 4:35 – 5:05 PM; Place: Indoor Pool
Session I: (Code 130102-01) Sept. 8 – Oct. 1
Session IA: (Code 130102-02) Oct. 6 – Oct. 29

Saturday Class; 10:45 – 11:15 AM; Place: Indoor Pool
Session I: (Code 130107-04) Sept. 12 – Oct. 24
Session II:(Code 130107-05) Oct. 31 – Dec. 12 (No Class 11/28)
Session III: (Code 130107-06 Jan. 9- Feb. 20


Ages: 6 & up
(According to ability-must be 6 at start of session)
Basic survival swimming is taught while improving beginner skills to build stamina and coordination. Improve front crawl and introduce backstroke and elementary backstroke and breaststroke. Pre-requisite: Students should be able to jump in the deep end and perform the front crawl and backstroke 25 yards. Instructor: Allison Nemes (Max: 10; Min: 5)

Tuesday & Thursday; 5:15 – 6:00 PM; Place: Indoor Pool; $70 Member / $90 Non-Member;

Session I:(Code 130103-01) Sept. 8 – Oct. 1
Session IA:(Code 130103-02) Oct. 6 – Oct. 29

Saturday; 12:00 – 12:45 PM; Place: Indoor Pool ; $60 Member / $80 Non-Member;

Session I:(Code 130103-05) Sept. 12 – Oct. 24
Session II:(Code 130103-06) Oct. 31 – Dec. 12
(No Class 11/28)
Session III:(Code 130103-07) Jan. 9 – Feb. 20


Competitive Swim
Ages: 8 & Up (According to ability – must be 8 at start of session.)
This class is a developmental program that emphasizes stroke technique, starts and turns. Required skills include: front and back crawl, elementary backstroke, breast stroke and side stroke. All participants will be swimming laps for strength and endurance. Instructor: Allison Nemes (Max: 12 Min: 5)
Tuesday & Thursday; 6:15 – 7:00 PM; Place: Indoor Pool
Session I: (Code 140000-01) Sept.8-Oct. 22 $80 Member $100 Non-Member
Session II:(Code 140000-02) Oct.27-Dec.10 $70 Member $90 Non-Member
(No class 11/3 & 11/26)
Session III (Code 140000-03) Jan.5-Feb.18 $80 Member $100 Non-Member

Saturdays; 1:00 – 1:45 PM; Place: Indoor Pool; $60 Member/$ 80 Non-Member (Max: 20 Min: 5)
Session I:(Code 140000-07) Sept.12-Oct. 24
Session II: (Code 140000-08) Oct.31-Dec.12 (No Class 11/28)
Session III: (Code 140000-09) Jan.9-Feb.20


Fall Swim Clinic
$90 Member/$110 Non-Member
Transitional (Ages 5-10) – this class is designed for the swimmer who knows the basics of the 4 competitive swim strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke & butterfly). We will focus on stroke mechanics, starts and building endurance. Swimmers must be able to complete 25 yards of each of the 4 competitive swim strokes. One piece swimwear required. Instructors: Colleen Yerves and Emily Cherry

Mondays & Wednesdays; 6:00-6:45 PM; Place: Indoor Pool (Max: 15 Min: 5)
Session I: Sept. 16 – Nov. 4 (Code: 110000-01)

Advanced (Ages 11 and up) – this class is for the more experienced swimmer. We will work on stroke mechanics, starts, turns and building endurance. This is ideal for the high school swimmer looking to stay in shape and improve for next year’s season. (Max: 20; Min: 7)

Mondays & Wednesdays; 7:00 – 7:45 PM; Place: Indoor Pool
Session I: Sept. 16 – Nov. 4 (Code: 110101-01 )


Aquatic Aerobics
This class takes place in chest-deep water. Class format includes a warm-up, aerobic segment, cool down, endurance and stretch segment. In a group atmosphere, participants will experience increased cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility and a lot of fun. Instructor: Mary Timmerman Drop-In Fee: $13 (Space Permitting) (Max: 20; Min: 8)

Mon.,Wed. & Fri.; 8:00 – 8:45 AM; Place: Indoor Pool

Session I:(Code 127101-01) Sept.14 -Oct.30 $70 Member $90 Non-Member
Session II:(Code 127101-02) Nov.2-Dec.18 $65 Member $85 Non-Member (No Class 11/27)
Session III:(Code 127101-03) Jan.4-Feb.19$60 Member $80 Non-Member
(No Class 1/18 & 2/15)


Deep Water Aerobics
This class takes place in deep water to increase stamina while eliminating stress on all joints. It is a cardiovascular workout designed to strengthen muscles and increase range of motion. Swimmers and non-swimmers are welcome.
Instructor: Mary Timmerman (Max: 10; Min: 6) Mon., Wed. & Fri.; 9:00 – 9:45 AM; Place: Indoor Pool

Session I: (Code 128101-01) Sept.14-Oct.30 $70 Member $90 Non-Member
Session II: (Code 128101-02) Nov.2 – Dec.18 $65 Member $85 Non-Member (No Class 11/27)
Session III: (Code 128101-03) Jan.4-Feb.19 $60 Member $80 Non-Member
(No class 1/18 & 2/15)


Arthritis Aquatic Exercise
Help manage your arthritis, have fun and exercise at the same time. Trained instructor guides participants through a series of specially designed low-impact exercises. Exercises are performed in waist to chest-deep water, and designed to decrease pain and stiffness and increase range of motion, strength and endurance without putting stress on the joint. Instructor: Mary Timmerman (Max: 20; Min: 4) Participants do not need a physician’s consent form.

Mon., Wed. and Fri.; 10:00 – 10:45 AM; Place: Indoor Pool
Session I: (Code 126101-01) Sept. 14 – Oct. 30 $70 Member $90 Non-Member
Session II: (Code 126101-02) Nov. 2 – Dec. 18 $65 Member $85 Non-Member
(No Class 11/27)
Session III: (Code 126101-03) Jan. 4 – Feb. 19 $60 Member $80 Non-Member
(No Class 1/18 & 2/15)


Lifeguard Training
$280 Member/$300 Non-Member
Ages 15 & Up
Do you want to be a lifeguard? This course is certified by the American Red Cross. You must have strong swimming ability. Upon successful completion, participants will receive an American Red Cross Certification in Lifeguarding, First Aid, CPR for the Professional Rescuer, AED & Preventing Disease Transmission. (Max: 12; Min: 5).
Instructors: Emily Cherry and Allison Nemes. Five Day Class; Place: Indoor Pool & Party Room

SESSION I: (Code 180000-01)
Wed., October 14 , 4:00-6:00
Thurs., October 15 , 4:00-8:00
Fri., October 16, 4:00-8:00
Sat., October 17 , 9:00-5:00
Sun., October 18, 9:00-5:00

Attendance at the listed dates and times is required. There will be no opportunities to make-up missed classes.
All participants must complete the following prerequisites:
1. Swim 300 yards continuously in the following order: 100 yards of front crawl using rhythmic breathing (breathing to the side or front) and a stabilizing-propellant kick; 100 yards of breaststroke; and, 100 yards of either front crawl or breaststroke using rhythmic breathing.
2. Starting in the water, swim 20 yards using front crawl or breaststroke; surface dive 7 to 10 feet; retrieve a 10 pound object; return to the surface; and, swim 20 yards back to starting point with the object, and exit the water without using a ladder or steps, within 1 min. 40 seconds.
If you have concerns about your ability to complete the pre-requisites, please schedule a swimming skill evaluation by calling ext. 105.


CPR/AED Training for the Professional Lifeguard
Ages 15 & up $100 Members/$125 Non-Members
This course will teach the skills needed to appropriately respond to breathing and cardiac emergencies including the use of an Automated External Defibrillator for victims of sudden cardiac arrest. Upon successful completion of required skills and a written test the participant will receive certification for two years. You must be at least 15 yeas old to be certified in the state of NJ, anyone under 16 will receive CPR Pro certification. Instructors: Emily Cherry & Allison Nemes
Session I: Friday, Oct. 16 (during Lifeguard Cert. Class); 4:00 – 8:00 PM; Party Room (Code: 170000-01) (Max: 8 Min. 3)


CPR Challenge
by appointment only);
$40 per challenge (Code: 188888-00)
First Aid Challenge (by appointment only); $40 per challenge (Code: 150000-01) You must have a current card to be eligible for either challenge. To schedule an appointment, please call 609-494-8861 ext. 105. Instructors: Emily Cherry & Allison Nemes.
* The American Red Cross also offers the challenge classes.