40th Anniversary

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History of St. Francis Center

The idea for St. Francis Community Center began in 1968 when
the friars serving here at the time saw a need for larger facilities for
parishioners to meet on a social and recreational level. As the idea grew
and expanded, it became apparent that parish is community and what was
really needed was a place for everyone in the community.
In July 1972, St. Francis Community Center opened its doors for
the first time with one paid staff member…not only to serve the Parish but
the entire community.
In March 1973, 50 area residents attended the official opening of
the Senior Services Center. It began on a small scale, primarily with the
lunch program and social activities. Services have been added as needed:
Outreach health screenings, case management services, transportation,
home-delivered meals, community education programs, volunteer
opportunities, education and recreation.
The Recreation Department grew with the addition of six tennis
courts, saunas, weight room and two outdoor pools. Exercise and dance,
martial arts and craft classes were added.
The Center became the focal point for cultural as well as social
events, including the annual Spring Art Show, Arts & Craft Shows,
Festival of the Sea, etc.
In 1977, Counseling Services opened followed by the Youth Office
and self-help groups.
Since opening in 1972, there have been three additions to the
original building. In 2003, the Aquatic Center was opened to the public,
and reconstruction of the outdoor pool facility was completed in May
More than 120 full and part-time paid staff are employed at the
Center, with over 1,200 volunteers giving many hours to provide the
necessary programs and services to the community.